Pet Taxi Service in the UK: How to Get Started

You want to start a pet Taxi Service in the UK? It is no secret that the UK is a nation of animal lovers. According to statistics, approximately 59% of households have pets. A pet dog is owned by 33% of UK households, a cat by 27%, and a rabbit by 2%. Pet owners may need to arrange transportation to take their animals to the vet, dog groomer, or kennels and catteries. Your pet transportation business can step in here – you can offer pet taxi services and meet some amazing animals along the way! We offer a our minicabs to a variety of areas to choose from, including:

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Having Experience to start Pet Taxi Service in the UK ?

Understanding your experience is essential before embarking on a new venture. Even if you are a pet person, do you get along well with animals? Can you tell if they are sick or stressed? Do you have experience working with animals? The ability to develop a rapport with clients can be significantly aided by having some level of experience. In reality, it is the cat, dog, or another small furry that is the actual client.

Pet Taxi Service in the UK: How to Get Started
Pet Taxi Service in the UK: How to Get Started

Regulations, Qualifications, and Licensing for starting Pet Taxi Service in the UK

You can take courses to learn how to transport animals. A certificate in Principles of Animal Transport is available online through Animal Careers Direct. The course has been designed specifically for people interested in starting a pet transport company. According to GOV.UK, depending on how long or how far you are transporting the animal, you will also need a type 1 or type 2 transport authorization. Also, you may need contingency plans to handle emergencies while on the road. An example would be animal accidents, illness or injury, unforeseen delays, or breakdowns. Regardless of the length or duration, every domestic animal transport requires an animal transport certificate.

Pet Transport Financing

Financing your business is one of the things you will need to consider. It is evident that you will need transportation, which may require buying a new or separate vehicle. Additionally, you may need finance to cover the costs of website development, marketing, and training courses.   

Pet Taxi Service in the UK: How to Get Started
Pet Taxi Service in the UK: How to Get Started

How Far Do You Want to Go?

Pet transport businesses can be divided into two types. For cats and dogs, there is a local Uber service. Local travel, vet appointments, salon appointments, grooming appointments. Another option would be to drop them off at the kennels or cattery if the owners are going on vacation. As a second type, international transport might be needed for family relocations abroad. Understanding the implications of each type of business is essential.

Car or Van for Transport?

Reliable transportation is required, so you must decide whether to use a van or a car. The car allows fewer animals to be transported at once but could be more stress-free for the pet. The multi-cage van can also be used for pickup and drop-off.

Pet Taxi Service in the UK: How to Get Started
Pet Taxi Service in the UK: How to Get Started

Pet Taxi Service in the UK, It’s a Business, not a Hobby

Keep in mind that this is a business. To ensure you get off to a good start, you’ll need a business bank account and may have to register with HMRC as well.

Pet Business Transport Service Insurance in the UK

The Pet Taxi Insurance we offer protects you and your business against the unexpected. Having the right insurance is essential for any business owner. There are several types of insurance you need to consider when starting a Pet Taxi business:

  • Product liability insurance
  • A product you designed and printed will protect you from injury or damage if it is misused.
  • Insurance for professional liability
  • This will protect you if a client suffers damages due to your work.
  • Property insurance for businesses
  • If your equipment or premises are damaged or stolen, this will protect them.
  • Insurance for business interruptions

If an event covered by the policy causes your business to cease operations, this will protect you.

Insurance for employee dishonesty

It will protect your business from theft if an employee steals from it. For more information on choosing the right insurance policies for your business, speak with an insurance agent.

Pet Taxi Service in the UK: How to Get Started
Pet Taxi Service in the UK: How to Get Started

Create a Website for your Pet Taxi Service Business in the UK

Setting up a website is the first step toward starting a Pet Taxi business. Your website will serve as an online home base for potential customers to learn about your business.


Your ability to market your business determines whether your company will survive or thrive. Your service must be showcased online in today’s digital world. To drive traffic, you can also use social media. Consider placing local ads in vet shops, pet shops, newspapers, or free directories if you serve locally.

Conclusion of Pet Taxi Service in the UK?

You can make good money and become your own boss by starting a pet taxi business. Make sure you do your research, write a business plan, and get the right insurance and license. It is possible to succeed in this business with dedication and hard work.


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