How to Travel with a Child in a UK Taxi

The experience of taking a cab after having a baby is something most parents will face at some point. Despite having a car, you might take one for various reasons. A trip to another city or a night out to dinner are good opportunities to practice good taxi etiquette. Having knowledge, being prepared, and being informed will significantly impact safety. Travel with a Child in a UK can be complicated. Taking your baby anywhere outside your home can be stressful, and travelling by taxi makes it worse. There are a few questions that most parents have when travelling with a baby in a cab:  We offer minicabs service in Get a Quotation for Cheap Heathrow Airport Cabs | Online Cabs and Best & Affordable Cabs Service in Bookham | Epsom & Ewell Cars area

  • Is there a local law or rule that I should follow?
  • Are taxis safe for babies to ride in?
  • Should I put my baby in a car seat while in a cab?
  • How will my driver react if my baby screams or cries?

The anxiety that comes with travelling with a baby can be alleviated partly by knowing how to travel in a taxi with a baby. Listed below are ten helpful tips for travelling with a baby in a UK taxi:

How to Travel with a Child in a UK Taxi
How to Travel with a Child in a UK Taxi

Know the Laws of Traveling With a Baby In a UK Taxi

The British government states that if a taxi driver doesn’t provide the appropriate child car seat, children can travel without one – but they must ride in the back seat and wear an adult seat belt. In the case of infants under three years of age, a safety belt is not required. Understanding the law is always the first step to understanding how to travel with a baby in a taxi so you do not put yourself (the parent) at risk. After you learn the local laws, you can determine how you will travel with your baby in a taxi.

Taxis for Babies: Safety options

While travelling with your baby, if the law does not require you to have a car seat, you have two options: 

  • Install your booster seat or car seat
  • Sit with your baby on your lap

Some parents don’t use a car seat in a taxi, instead holding their baby on their lap and fastening their belts around them. This method carries certain risks regardless of how parents travel with their babies. The science behind car seats shows that they are safe for babies. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends wearing a seatbelt and child restraints in motor vehicle crashes to help prevent injury. A recent WHO review of several studies concluded that child safety seats could reduce hospitalisations by 69% and infant deaths by 70%. Ultimately, car seats are always the safest choice.

How to Travel with a Child in a UK Taxi
How to Travel with a Child in a UK Taxi

Find an Easy-to-Install Baby Car Seat

There are many bulky, heavy, and awkward car seats on the market. Taking a taxi with your primary car seat is not a good idea. A better choice would be: 

  • Easily transportable.
  • They do not require a separate base.
  • A safety belt can easily hold it in place. 

You can choose from several options on the market when buying a car seat for taxi travel. When choosing a car seat, remember that models change every year, and newer models continue to be lighter and easier to install. However, if you book Epsom & Ewell Cars, you can get a pre-installed baby car seat without any hesitation.

Make a Taxi Reservation in Advance

Call ahead and ask if the local taxi has a car seat if you aren’t in a bigger city like London, York or Manchester. There are many taxi fleets with several car seats, and they will gladly accommodate your request. With Epsom & Ewell Cars, you can find a comfortable and luxurious car seat for your child. When booking, select the baby car seat option, and they will deliver a comfortable cab to your door.

How to Travel with a Child in a UK Taxi
How to Travel with a Child in a UK Taxi

Keep Your Baby Entertained

An environment such as a taxi can be particularly challenging for babies. As soon as your baby is settled in the taxi, it becomes your challenge to keep them calm and happy. Play with your baby with some simple, multi-sensory toys. Having toys your child hasn’t touched in a few weeks or those you have yet to give them may be the best approach. When packing toys, make sure they are small and can be used in various ways.

Be Prepared to End Up with a Mess

The universal law of parenting might be that whenever one takes a baby out, they vomit, spit up, or have a nappy blowout. A good idea to be ready for a little (or a lot) of mess. No matter how long the taxi ride is, you should always pack:

  • Using plastic bags to contain large messes
  • Make sure you have extra diapers and wipes 
  • Burp cloths that are small and absorbent
  • A few paper towels
  • Infant’s extra outfit

The first half of the battle is won if you come prepared. When you are sitting in a taxi, and your child throws up on themselves, and you still have 20 minutes left on the trip, nothing is worse.

Be Calm when you Travel with a Child in a UK .

The calmer the parent, the calmer the baby. Whenever you are stressed, you might have difficulty soothing your baby. It is your accountability to care for your baby, not everybody around you. No matter how annoyed or judgmental they are, let them be.

How to Travel with a Child in a UK Taxi
How to Travel with a Child in a UK Taxi

Final Thoughts Regarding Travel with a Child in a UK Taxi

It can be challenging to use public transportation with a baby, but there’s no need to be overwhelmed. Despite a few bumps, your trip will be hassle-free, and you’ll gain the confidence to travel more with your child. Keep the law in mind and be confident when travelling with your children. Remember to follow as much safety as possible; hopefully, you and your loved one will enjoy the ride.


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