How to get a Taxi Driver’s License in the UK

Taxi driving is the thing for you if you enjoy the freedom of being behind the wheel, providing service with a smile and chauffeuring passengers safely to their destinations. In the UK, however, no formal qualifications are required to become a taxi driver. However, you’ll need to tackle several hurdles before you can start your carrier as a taxi driver. One of these hurdles is obtaining a taxi driver’s license. But don’t worry; in this guide, you will learn every detail you need to know about how to get a taxi driver’s license in the UK. We can pick you up in minicabs cheam to heathrow airport, taxis east clandon to heathrow airport, west clandon cabs to heathrow airport, west horsley to heathrow airport taxis, minicabs from morden to heathrow airport, albury minicab service to heathrow airport, guildford to heathrow airport best taxis, heathrow airport lhr transfers, wotton under edge to london heathrow airport taxis, and minicabs from richmond to heathrow airport, Cab Service from Wallington to Heathrow Airport area.

Taxi Driving Licence Types in the UK

In the UK, your location ultimately determines how you apply for a license. There are three types of taxi driver licences in the UK.

How to get a Taxi Driver's License in the UK
How to get a Taxi Driver’s License in the UK
  • If you plan to work inside Greater London, you’ll need a license from Transport for London (TfL).
  • Those who wish to drive taxis outside of the capital should contact their local council. You can find out your local council by entering your postcode on the “” landing page.
  • The process for getting a taxi driver’s licence in northern Ireland is different.

What is the cost of Getting a Taxi Driver’s License?

Taxi license fees are set by your local council outside of London if you plan to apply outside of the capital. Depending on the council, these may differ.

To illustrate, Cambridge City Council charges the following fees for Hackney carriage, PHV, and dual taxi driver licenses:

  • Check for DBS = £44
  • The cost of a new driver’s license = £245
  • The knowledge test costs = £67
  • Renewal of a 1-year licence = £82
  • Renewal of a 3-year license = £225
  • Information change (e.g. plate, licence, badge) = £15

TfL charges the following fees for taxi driver license applications in London:

How to get a Taxi Driver's License in the UK
How to get a Taxi Driver’s License in the UK
  • Check for DBS = £56.85 (online) & £58.85 (paper)
  • Licence application fee = £120
  • Fee for the grant of a licence = £180
  • Written exam on Knowledge of London = £200
  • The knowledge of London face-to-face interviews = £400
  • Medical examination = £80 approx.

Taxi Driving Licence Requirments

The requirements for applying for a taxi driving license vary from council to council. However, applications are likely to ask for the following information:

  • You must have a full, valid driver’s license that has been held for at least 12 months and has been issued to your current address.
  • Having legal rights to live and work in the UK is mandatory.
  • You have read and understood your local council’s taxi licensing policies.
  • Must be medically fit to drive a taxi.
  • A ‘fit and proper person means that your background and character have been verified by the government’s Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).

How to Apply for a Taxi Driving Licence

There are two different ways of application depending on where you will operate:

  • If you want to operate your taxi in London, you must apply to Transport for London (TfL) for a taxi or private hire vehicle (PHV).
  • If you want to operate outside London, you must contact your local council or private hire vehicle (PHV).
How to get a Taxi Driver's License in the UK
How to get a Taxi Driver’s License in the UK

Taxi licences are issued throughout the UK by the London Taxi and Private Hire Licence Board (TFL). Different areas may have different rules for granting PHLs. You will be asked by your local council or TFL for all the information. The following may also be required:

  • Obtain a medical certificate proving your fitness to drive.
  • You will need to take a knowledge test to demonstrate your knowledge of the roads where you will be working.
  • Test your driving skills.
  • A language test to demonstrate that you can communicate with travellers well.
  • The HMRC registration to report your private hire earnings.

Buy an Insurance Policy

Your local council will require you to register a suitable vehicle and insurance after you obtain your private hire license. A private hire insurance policy can ensure your and your passengers’ safety.

Register YourSelf with a Private Hire Firm

As soon as you have obtained your private hire taxi driving license, you should work for a reputable company to earn money as a taxi driver. The UK has many cab companies, but Epsom & Ewell Cars are renowned for their professionalism and driver enhancements, making it a good choice for you.

How to get a Taxi Driver's License in the UK
How to get a Taxi Driver’s License in the UK

What is the Validity Period of a Taxi Driver’s License in the UK?

Taxi drivers outside of London can obtain a taxi driver’s licence for up to three years. In contrast, vehicle licenses are only valid for 12 months and must be renewed annually in London. However, any connected taxi operator must also have a license from the same local authority as the driver.


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