A Guide to Complaining about a Taxi Driver in the UK

If you are unhappy with the fares and complaining about a Taxi Driver in the UK? the quality of the vehicle, driving or behaviour of a driver or if you have any other issue, please report it immediately. In addition, if you believe a car is unlicensed, you should report it. There are numerous taxi companies available in the UK. A taxicab is an SPSV or a small public service vehicle. Taxi drivers and cars in SPSVs must adhere to several rules and regulations. You need a license to drive a taxi or work for a taxi company. It’s your right to book a cab or taxi according to your preferences. You can file a complaint if unsatisfied with the taxi drivers’ fares or services. How do you file a complaint, and what should you know before you do? Don’t worry; we got you covered. In case you’re not satisfied with the service you receive from a taxi, here’s how you can file a complaint We offer Minicabs Service in Comfortable Minicabs in Dorking and Local taxi near me in Dorking and Book Cheap UK Taxi Online | UK Taxi and Minicab Services area.

A Guide to Complaining about a Taxi Driver in the UK
A Guide to Complaining about a Taxi Driver in the UK

What should you Know Before filing a complaint?

To file a complaint against a cab driver, the easiest thing is to note down the vehicle’s registration plate number and driver’s license number. You will find a white plate with the driver’s license on the rear of your vehicle or inside the passenger compartment. A licence number usually consists of five digits. It is a requirement for drivers to display their license badges at all times and to present their license numbers upon request. It’s also a good idea to note the date and time the incident occurred and the location if you know it. Gather as much information as you can. Information such as:

  • Plate or registration number of the vehicle
  • Driver’s license or badge number
  • An overview of the vehicle
  • Details of additional passengers (if any)
  • Location, date, and time
  • Your trip details
  • A reservation slip details (if you have any)
  • Contact information

When Should I File a Complain about a Taxi Driver in the UK?

You can complain if you’re unsatisfied with the service you received in a taxi or private hire vehicle. Legal assistance is your right, and the taxi or operator should provide it based on your preferences. Section 64 of the Taxi Regulation Act 2013 outlines when to make a complaint to the National Transport Authority. These include:

  • Bad Condition of vehicle (i.e., cleanliness, roadworthiness, seat belt malfunction)
  • Drivers who behave rudely
  • Overcharging
  • Problems with bookings
  • Advertisements displayed incorrectly on taxis

You can file an objection by calling the NTA information line at 0818 064 000 or online. Make sure you include all the information together.

A Guide to Complaining about a Taxi Driver in the UK
A Guide to Complaining about a Taxi Driver in the UK

How to Make a Complaining about a Taxi Driver in the UK

If you have a complaint regarding a taxi, you can direct it to either Transport for London or your local authority (if it is not within London). 

How to Make a Complain about Private Hire Vehicles (PHV)

If you have a problem with a private hire vehicle or minicab, you can contact the company that operates the vehicle. If you are unhappy with the outcome or feel your complaint is more serious, you can complain to Transport for London or your local taxi authority (if you are not in London). They have websites where you can find complaint forms for taxis.

How to Make Complaining about a Taxi Driver in Northern Ireland

Whether you are unhappy about the fare, the car, the driver’s behaviour, or any other issue, you should contact the taxi company or the driver in Northern Ireland. As much information as possible should be recorded – such as the taxi’s license plate number, the driver’s badge number, and the time and location of the incident. Describe what went wrong, remain calm, and stick to the facts. If you fail to resolve the complaint with the driver or taxi company, you need to contact the Driver and Vehicle Agency.

A Guide to Complaining about a Taxi Driver in the UK
A Guide to Complaining about a Taxi Driver in the UK

When should I contact Police?

If you have a complaint involving a ‘crime in progress’ involving a hackney carriage or private hire driver, vehicle or operator, you can call Police on 999.

The following agencies should be contacted if your complaint pertains to one of these categories:

  • To report criminal offences such as discrimination, inappropriate behaviour, child and adult safeguarding issues, violence, and theft, contact Police via 999.
  • In the event of a moving traffic offence, such as using a phone while driving, dangerous driving, or speeding, call 999.
  • To report illegal parking, contact the Parking Enforcement Team.
  • For vehicles licensed outside of the city, please get in touch with the relevant local authority.
  • Contact DVA when it comes to civil matters, such as disputes over fares.

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